The To-Read Pile Just Keeps Growing

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The To-Read pile of books in my library is growing by leaps and bounds.  I feel like that little girl to the left when I look at it, wondering what I'm going to read next.  I have oft touted the awesomeness of the website that is BooksFreeSwap, because I can sometimes get relatively new books, in mostly new-ish condition, for super cheap.  It's how I managed to get the three books in the Chemical Garden series, and now I'm just waiting for The Lunar Chronicles to actually come through (I had a copy of Cinder in swap, but apparently the sender cancelled or didn't respond in time.  Oh well).  I also bought a bunch of books from Amazon (pictured here), and a few from the Goodwill, and now and then Chris will come home with books for me...

On top of all of that, I'm addicted to the Goodreads Giveaways page and enter to win like a crapload of books every week.  Of course, I never win (and haven't for over a year, but that's another rant).  But in the meantime, my To-Read list keeps growing and growing (I am at 1019 and counting).

So there are genuinely piles and piles of books in my library room just waiting to be read.  I'd shelve them, but then I'd forget about them.  If they're in a pile, I know I'm supposed to do something with them.  This has been my logic my whole life - if it's out, I can see it and know where it is and that it needs to be read.  (This philosophy has, however, contributed to the loss of many books over the years, as they tended to get "misplaced" before I could read them.  I've been missing a couple of my Katharine Kerr books since I moved out of Dunkirk, and the hardback of Ilium, and The Golden Compass was misplaced sometime in undergrad.)

While I figure out what to read next, I've forbidden myself from checking books out from the library (*gasp*) because I have so many at home to read.  This means that I'll have to wait to read some books I've been anticipating for months, and other books I've been trying to win, and maybe even stuff that has gone out of print.  But hey, at least I'll never run out of reading material, right?


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