Review: Away

This is a sequel, so if you have not read The Line, go read that first!

Away (The Line, #2)Away by Teri Hall
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It can be difficult to review book 2 of 3 because there's still so much left unsaid from book 1. I'm most irritated with the end of Away because it skipped so much time, things happened way too quickly, the climax came in the last few pages (which is not the way to end a book, even if it's to be continued), and there's still another book to come.

I think Teri Hall has grown into the format and story, there was more character development (albeit only slightly), but it seems there was less of a real plot this time and more of people traveling to accomplish something.

I'm hoping the final installment will be better (and longer) than this one, as I don't want to have to finish it and go "What the heck?"

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