Well, I'm managing to make progress with the book hunt for the centerpieces. This past weekend, Chris and I went to Down in Denver Books and used the two Groupons I bought a while ago. $15 for $30 worth of books, and I bought two - so we got $60 worth of used books for $30. In total, we came away with 11 books, some of which will grace the tables at the wedding! I'll have to go back there because the prices are really good and a good chunk of the books are in hardcover.

I can't wait to be done planning! It's been fun matching people to tables and then to authors. I still have a lot of work to do on the seating charts though. Once that's done, then we can work on the escort cards. Chris's mom got me a bunch of library cards that we're going to use in Chris's typewriter, and then one of us will hand write the guests' names on them. Pretty neat idea, right?

On another note, I saw someone selling these nifty handbags at the Hancock Shaker Village Country Fair this weekend. The books they used were all weird, stuff I would never like, and they were kind of ugly, but I thought it was an interesting use for old books.


  1. Those handbags are supposedly really easy to make. *Files it away as a Christmas present idea* :)

    Hooray for finding some of the books you were looking for!

  2. I probably wouldn't use one, I just thought they were interesting. I'd never seen them before.


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