50 Book Challenge and Wedding (OMG)!

Well, I've finished my 50 book challenge for the year, four months ahead of schedule. This is great because last year I don't think I read 30 books, but I'm still going and I'm almost done with book 52. I'm counting the books I've abandoned only because I gave them a good shot. Hey, effort counts, right?

One thing that has helped me get through so many books this year has been Project Gutenberg. Since new e-books generally cost money, I'm mostly just reading new stuff hard copy, and reading old stuff in e-book format. Project Gutenberg has been helpful at getting me copies of Wilkie Collins books, so I've spent a great deal reading him this year and fall more in love with every book.

BUUUUUUUT... I don't have copies of these books! Which is driving me crazy, because I'm getting married in less than two months (OMG) and don't have the books I need for the table centerpieces. Wilkie Collins will have a table, but I only have two of his books. This must be remedied.

A few other authors who are making the cut:

- Katharine Kerr (duh)
- Dan Simmons (also duh)
- Ray Bradbury (also also duh)
- John Keats (is this list surprising anyone?)
- Neil Gaiman
- Naomi Shihab Nye
- Robert Holdstock
- Diana Wynne Jones
- Salman Rushdie

There are a bunch of other authors although we will probably end up not needing the entire list we made since so many people aren't able to make it. I'm excited to see the vision realized and get started on figuring out who to sit at which table. Chris has some input on the books too, but since he's not as much of a reader as I am, he only has a couple authors he wanted to include. The problem with that one is, he doesn't have a lot of books for that either!

I love book shopping, but I hate paying full price for anything. One of my favorite places to shop for books online is AbeBooks. You can get a lot of books for not a lot of money, especially if you buy a lot from one seller (they often combine shipping). There are also many sellers who don't charge for shipping. It's often cheaper than Amazon's used and new stuff, especially since Amazon tells the seller how much they can charge for shipping. You end up paying so much less for shipping on AbeBooks.

Where do you enjoy shopping for books?


  1. Yeah, I need to get some actual hard copies of Arthur Conan Doyle books (specifically the Prof. Challenger series) Even if you read them on an e-reader or a PC screen a real book is a much nicer thing to have.

  2. I can send you paperbacks of The Woman in White and The Moonstone as a wedding present?

  3. Aww thank you! I actually have those two, since they're apparently the only books of his stores around here carry (LOVE them, by the way). I'm going to e-mail my MOH and see if she can check out a bookstore near her she's told me about to see if they have anything else by him. If not, to AbeBooks I go!


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