Are you a blogger?  Do you update frequently (as in more than once a month)?  Leave a comment here with your blog URL and I would be happy to feature it in my "Recommended Blogs" section on the sidebar.  See it?  It's just over there to your right, and down a bit.  It doesn't even have to be about books, it can be whatever you blog about.  Kids, movies, food, the neighbor you're stalking...

I just culled a bunch of blogs that haven't been updated in over a year.  If you're active and would like some linkage, just let me know.  I would appreciate it if you would follow me in return.

I'm also thinking about doing a bi-weekly (as in every two weeks, not twice a week) or once a month blog feature, of a blog I especially enjoy.  So this is your shot at getting me interested!  I know I don't have a huge readership, but every little bit helps, right?


  1. Hey, my name's Rivalie and I was wondering how do you get "featured?" I followed already, your blog looks super amazing, not just saying, but it really is really well designed and organized. Um, so please let me know :)


    1. Thank you for the comment! Your blog looks interesting too. I've followed it, so it will start showing up on my sidebar when you update. I haven't decided on doing "features" yet, but if I do I will let you know. It was mostly just an idea to increase readership - promote another blog, maybe a guest post, I'm not sure yet.

    2. Got it! :) Thanks so much for the follow :D



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