Review: Sorcerer's Luck

Sorcerer's LuckSorcerer's Luck by Katharine Kerr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Simply put, I love this book. It is so imaginative and original, and full of history and magic and all sorts of fun!

Maya Cantescu meets a sorcerer while she's drawing portraits at a local fair. He draws her into his world with the offer of a job, and since she's barely scraping by she talks herself into it. Maya isn't just any ordinary girl herself, though - she's a vampire. No, not the blood-sucking kind, but the kind that feeds on other people's energies. She could easily kill someone if she took too much, but she has trained herself to only take smidgins here and there. This has barely worked for her, but by the time she meets the sorcerer, Tor, she isn't at the peak of health.

It seems like love at first sight, but as we get further into the story we find out that they have known each other a lot longer than Maya first thought!

There's also the hitch that Tor is a were-bear. Can Maya keep him locked in his room every full moon so that he doesn't go off gallivanting around the countryside eating small children? And what really goes on behind that locked door every cycle?

Most of the action focuses on Tor's uncle Nils, who has a huge vendetta against him for some perceived slight. It takes probably half of the book to figure this out, but that's hardly where the excitement ends!

The masterful writing coupled with a great story has really turned out a great book. At the end we're left with the set-up for another book, which is awesome, because I seriously can't get enough of Maya and Tor, her brother Roman, and her kooky friend Brittany.

5/5 stars, highly recommended to anyone who loves fantasy, adventure, romance, magic, mythology, and just enjoying a darn good read.

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  1. Yeah, I loved it too. You don't mention that it's got the best sex Kit's written so far!

    1. You're right! Hey readers, best sex evar right here!!! :D


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