Review: How Blended are Dust and Fire

How Blended are Dust and Fire (Purgatory, #0)How Blended are Dust and Fire by Kieran McKendrick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received an e-copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

It's really more 3.5 stars instead of just 3, but I didn't want to give it 4. My main reason for this rating is because there were so many made-up words the people used, and most were not explained. In any given sentence there could be anywhere from two to five words of in the language, and half of them I had to figure out for myself. If an author is going to go to the trouble of creating new terms for things, they should not be left to the readers' imaginations. Be specific and explain without truly explaining. I got so lost between all the words that started with "dher" or whatever that it became difficult to tell what the story was trying to tell me.

That language issue aside, the book was a wonderful fantasy novel, a prequel from what I read in the end-note, which sets up nicely for the rest of the series (which I will have to seek out and read now). It was a rather quick read at only 105 pages in the e-edition.

Setting it apart from many other novels is the chapter set-up. Each "chapter" is actually just a character's name, followed by either a few paragraphs or up to a few pages of a character's experience. At times, some characters were introduced out of the blue with these sections, which was a bit confusing. But I actually liked it this way, because the reader gets to experience the chaos of the festival that all the characters are experiencing. It also made for a swifter read. I'm curious how the rest of the series is set up - whether it's like this book, or in normal chapter set-ups.

Recommended for fantasy lovers, over 18 because of violence and sex. If you are capable of diving into a new language and adjusting your vocabulary to it, all the better.

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