Exciting News!

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com
Neil Gaiman, quite a brilliant story-teller, and someone I'm currently reading, has a new book coming out!  He announced it a few months ago, which made me a bit antsy, but then I got on to other things and promptly forgot all about it.  I am a bad reader.

BUT!  This week he announced that the book is coming out in June in the US, which makes me happy.  What makes me even happier is that his local bookstore in Cambridge (only two hours from me!  Stalker time?) has them available for pre-order.  But not just any pre-order, he's signing them!  Unfortunately not in person, but hey, they'll be signed!

Of course this means the book must be mine, complete with signature, as it would be the only signed Gaiman I own.  Also, now that I know he's in Cambridge, I can keep an eye out for readings and such.  I'd gladly sacrifice the four-hour round trip and the gas money to see him in person.  Who would get that kind of fan-devotion from you?  How far have you traveled just to attend a reading?

If you're interested and want to get your own copy, you can pre-order right here from Porter Square Books.

In other news, I have five books coming to me in the mail!  Pictures and info coming soon!


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