Just a few things.

I'm starting to feel like I'm reading the same book over and over again, so I've given up on YA for now and have moved back into adult fiction. Right now I am reading Madame Bovary, Janeology by Karen Harrington, and will hopefully be starting Dan Simmons' latest, Flashback, soon.

I am also working through my feelings of frustration at reading, because as much as I was enjoying the YA fiction I had been reading, there was a lot I was angry and annoyed with (see previous posts).  It got to the point I wasn't happy reading it anymore, because I just couldn't keep seeing the same old thing.  Even Delirium didn't live up to the hype I'd heard.  Maybe it's just disappointment, but I am starting to feel like there aren't a lot of great books coming out.

The fact that I have Flashback in my possession makes me giddy, though, because Dan Simmons is in my top five favorite authors of all time.  As a "grown-up" I find I'm more able to handle the horror aspects of his novels, so I'm really looking forward to getting into those books.

In talking with a writer friend, it was mentioned that I helped her fix some problems with her latest work, which really felt good.  She sent me a signed copy of the book, and I noticed that I'm mentioned, along with several others I know, in the acknowledgments.  That made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  I love being able to help writers, probably because I've lost sight of my own writing and long for a way to participate in the culture of authorship.  Maybe I should go into proof-reading, or editing, or something along those lines, because it's a great feeling knowing that when an author needs help, I can help, even if it's just with something small.  Since I haven't read the edited version of the book, that's something I'm excited to do once I finish Flashback.  My signed copy will go on a shelf, though, since I already bought my own on its release day.

I'll try to do more of this kind of post, and less of the reviews, since I have a feeling the reviews are boring people and I really wanted to get into how books fit into my life/how I mold my life around books on this blog, more than reviews.  As always, if you or a friend have a writing project and need an outside eye, I'm always here and ready to help.


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