Review: Darkness Rising by Peter Koevari

Darkness Rising (Legends of Marithia, #2)Darkness Rising by Peter Koevari
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**Disclaimer: I was given a copy of this book by the author to read and review**

A great continuation of the story begun in Prophecies Awakening, Darkness Rising is book two of the Legends of Marithia series. I actually enjoyed Darkness more than Prophecies, because the story seemed to flow a bit more coherently. It is clear that Mr. Koevari took into account the feedback from the first book and used it to his advantage in crafting a much more put-together story.

In Darkness, most of the book revolves around the characters getting ready for the upcoming mega-battle between Shindar and his vampires and skeleton warriors, and Vartan and the forces of elves, dragons and humans. While that can sound boring, it was actually done pretty well. The war was always in the back of my mind, because everything that was happening was based solely on that war. Vartan's training, and all of the information he received from the dragons, helped the reader see why and how this war is being fought.

I had only one major problem with this book: there were a LOT of grammatical errors. They were made the same way throughout, however, which suggests that it is just a misunderstanding of how exactly punctuation plays a major role in the structure of a sentence. I would suggest having a proofer go over and correct the manuscript, just for the sake of continuity and clarity.

After reading this book, I am definitely looking forward to seeing how the war ends, whether Vartan activates Talonsphere or someone else does, what happens to his marriage with Helenia, and the fate of the Marithian people and the world.

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