Filling Up The Bookcases

This week, or maybe it was last weekend, I forget which, I spent a large part of the day reorganizing my books. All the books we had used for the centerpieces at our wedding were still boxed and needed to be put away, and some books I had boxed intending to sell had made their way back onto the bookshelves. So I went through the bookshelves and took down a bunch of books I wanted to get rid of, mainly some old fantasy books that I had bought in eBay lots. When I was a teenager I used to buy big lots of books on eBay to get some exposure to things I wouldn't ordinarily read, but never ended up reading them.

So I cleaned off the shelves, reorganized my mass markets, set up shelves for my favorite authors, put away the books from the tables, and discovered that I have no more room on my shelves for new books. Uh oh...

In other news, we are house hunting. In each house we've looked at, I've tried to plan out which room would be the library. So far, no luck. There isn't a lot in our price range around here that doesn't need a lot of work (to put it nicely - really, most of the houses I've seen have been total dumps or gorgeous but over our budget).

We are also out of space in this apartment for another bookcase. We actually looked around the place, trying to find another spot for one, but unless we turned our open living room and dining room into two "rooms" by putting a bookcase between them, there's just nowhere else for it to go.

I can't wait to have a house...more room for books!


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