Cover Art and the Power of an Image

My husband shared this editorial with me tonight, because he knows how I've been such a judge of cover art in the past. Everyone likes to say that they don't choose books based on their cover art, but we all know that in some way, that's the reality.

I've always been drawn to covers that are bright colors, usually blues, reds and pinks. Also, when covers have fantastical scenes on them my eyes go right to them. I think it's because I have always lived in a sort of fantasy world, and my primary subject matter is fantasy/sci-fi. But I am also attracted by more human art, pictures of people or even something simple. But not just any pictures of people - I like strange crops, odd focuses, and things that have been blurred a bit with some subtle colorings.

The writer of the editorial listed a bunch of covers that draw his eye, but only one of them is one I actually picked out on my own as something I want to read. Below are some covers that popped out at me, that made me want to read the book (not necessarily buy it, but at least try to win it in a giveaway).

What kinds of covers do you gravitate towards?


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